Prajna Paramita Thangka
Prajna Paramita Thangka
THANGKA | Prajñaparamita
THANGKA | Prajñaparamita

THANGKA | Prajñaparamita

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Masterfully painted with stone ground natural pigments, semi-precious minerals, and pure gold in the Karma Gadri style of thangka painting which highlights the deity in an ethereal subtle background creating a magnificent meditative image. 

Prajñaparamita, also known as the Great Mother, means 'The Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom' and refers to the nature of reality and emptiness.

Size: 9" x 13"

Canvas only (suitable for framing)
Canvas with standard brocade border
Canvas with premium brocade border
*Note actual brocade colors and design will vary from that pictured.

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