About Transmission

Transmission from teacher to student is one of the cornerstones of Tibetan Buddhism, maintaining a direct, unbroken Dharma lineage from the time of the Buddha. The blessings of the lineage masters are passed along to the student with the authorization to engage in the practice, creating the auspicious interdependence necessary for authentic accomplishments to ripen.  As such, to receive any kind of transmission from an authorized lineage holder should be treated as a very special and sacred occurrence.  In ancient times, notice of such events would be shared discreetly through secret language about traversing the paths. Today, we are blessed with the ability to benefit countless beings through the internet. 

Once you receive transmission, you will be authorized to receive the teachings and practice the sadhanas.  We ask that only those with a sincere interest in studying and engaging in the practice attend the transmission in order to maintain continuity and respect for the lineage.

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