LEAF PEOPLE | Mini Neroli Classic Kit

LEAF PEOPLE | Mini Neroli Classic Kit

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Three essential post-cleansing steps to rejuvenate and firm skin, fade the appearance of age spots and wrinkles and activate your radiance.

Neroli Sea Kelp Transform Toner 1 fl.oz

For outdoor enthusiasts and pool-loungers alike, this replenishing blend fades age spots and wrinkles while targeting accumulated UV damage. This blend targets  the 40+ age group. As we age, our cell renewal slows down, which can result in a dull complexion that makes us look older than we actually are. The botanicals in this formula support the skin’s own inherent regenerative process, promoting a healthy looking complexion. 

Neroli Cardamom Hydrating Mist 2 fl.oz.

The expression blissed out takes on new form in this sophisticated aromatic blend that hydrates and revives skin. This dual powered formula uplifts and revitalizes skin while reducing the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. Like our Transform Toner, this mist is created for the 40+ age group, as neroli and target both the psychological and skin conditions often prevalent in this stage of life. 

Pomegranate Ginkgo Transform Serum .5 fl.oz.

Restore skin to flawless perfection.  Proprietary, antioxidant rich extracts, including ashwagandha, red clover and gotu kola activate radiance, fading the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. Nutritious and cold pressed rosehip, pumpkin and pomegranate seed oils replenish and firm skin.