LEAF PEOPLE | Mini Neroli Essential Kit

LEAF PEOPLE | Mini Neroli Essential Kit

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Essential daily steps to rejuvenate and firm skin, fade the appearance of age spots and wrinkles and activate your radiance. 

Aloe Lavender Exfoliating Daily Face Wash  2 fl.oz.

This Aloe Lavender Face Wash gets an extra pop with the addition of a light bamboo grain. gently buffs skin, removes excess surface oils, sunscreen and make up, while reviving for a fresh, healthy complexion.

Neroli Sea Kelp Transform Toner 2 fl.oz.

For outdoor enthusiasts and pool-loungers alike, this replenishing blend fades age spots and wrinkles while targeting accumulated UV damage. This blend targets the 40+ age group. As we age, our cell renewal slows down, which can result in a dull complexion that makes us look older than we actually are. The botanicals in this formula support the skin’s own inherent regenerative process, promoting a healthy looking complexion.

Rosehip Sea Kelp Antioxidant Face Cream .5.oz

Experience herbal synergy with this skin brightening formula, including vitamins E, C and selenium. This “skin sanctuary in a jar” aids recovery from the effects of sun exposure, targeting age spots and wrinkles, firming skin, returning a youthful, radiant complexion.

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