Chod Drum made with Bawa wood, Bhutanse burl wood, wood with dyed cloud skin known as trin pak with brocade handle, used for Buddhist practice of chod.
Chod Drum brocade case with silk chod drum tail
Chod Drum brocade case

CHÖD DRUM | Bawa Wood Cloud Skin, brocade

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Each chöd drum is hand crafted by Artisans and is unique.  The Bawa wood, or Bhutanese Burl wood used in making chöd drums is known for it beauty and light weight.  The elaborate process of creating the traditional 'trin pak' or cloud skin is a highly guarded secret passed down from lamas to select drum makers.  This technique allows for the skin to breathe and gives a full sound to the drum.  The skin of each drum is one of a kind, like a cloud. You can select the size of your drum and handle choice. 

Drum Specs:
Bawa wood - also known as Bhutanese Burl wood
Cloud Skin - dyed with herbs and minerals
Handle - brocade, hand stitched
Top quality tail and case included.

Brocade case and handles colors will vary by drum.  This image is a sample of what your drum will look like but not the exact picture due to the handmade artisan quality of the drum.

Don't see the drum of your dreams?  Let us know what you are looking for and we can have your drum custom crafted. 

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